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Hats by Katie is proud to announce that our retail store is now open in Paris, Kentucky! Come visit for all your driving needs. Call for an appointment: (859)707-0818

Hats by Katie

Twenty years ago, having a difficult time finding hats that were attractive and that fit well, Katie started making hats as a sideline.

As her carriage driving career developed, so did the variety of hats Katie made for family and friends. Eventually, this hobby blossomed into a full-time occupation; thus, Hats by Katie came into existence.




Hats of Quality

Katie enjoys working with customers, one-on-one, to create wonderful hats that will complement their outfits perfectly.

Her custom hats are her pride and joy; they are known for their style and quality, and they're worn around the world.

Hats for Champions!

Randy Cadwell, winner of the 2007 Pair Pony Championships

Randy Cadwell wore a Hat by Katie to win the 2007 Pair Pony World Championship. Susie Stafford wore a Hat by Katie when she won the 2005 Individual Single Pony Gold Medal at the World Championships in England.

Sharon Chesson wore a custom Katie hat when she won the Dressage phase of the 1993 World Pair Combined Driving Championships. Misdee Wrigley has worn Hats by Katie for all of her Devon Horse Show championships. Eleanor Gallagher and Nancy Johnson wore Hats by Katie at the World Singles Championships in Conty, France.

Other Hats by Katie fans include Oprah Winfrey, Joan Lundun, Martha Stewart, and Stephanie Powers.

Style, Grace, and Elegance

Join the men and women who have been wearing Hats by Katie for years...people "in the know," wearing hats with the style, grace, and elegance that only Hats by Katie possess!