Spotlight: Milliner Katie Whaley

Hats by Katie at Devon

Excerpts from the spotlight:

"Hats by Katie launched in 1990 with Whaley utilizing her arts minor from Boston’s Regis College as the basis for beginning a millinery business that is now world-renowned."

"AML: Your hats are worn around the world at all the major equestrian events. That is amazing!

KW: I do a lot to Ascot. Now that I have started showing in Europe with my ponies, I sold one of my feather hats right off my head. When I traveled back and forth recently to Europe, I delivered two more."

"AML: Can any woman wear a hat?

KW: Yes, you just have to find the right one. That’s kind of a misnomer-they come in here during the Horse Show and say ‘Oh, I look terrible in hats.’ Well, first of all they are not wearing them correctly. The brim should be parallel to the ground. And the hat should be in proportion to your body. The whole trick of the hat is that the hat does not wear you, you wear the hat. If you live by that phrase, you will be fine."