Catching up With Devon’s ‘Hats by Katie!’

It’s been four years since we sat down with Katie Whaley, owner of Hats by Katie, and The Devon Horse Show and Country Fair’s official milliner.

With the biggest Ladies Day in Devon history on the horizon this Wednesday, emceed by celebrity Carson Kressley, we thought it was due time to catch up on all that is fab, fashionable and ‘fascinating’ in the hat world with Ms. Whaley.

AML: Since we last chatted ‘hats’ for AML in 2010, we’ve had a royal wedding and hats seem to have become more mainstream in America. What’s changed from your point of view?

HBK: The fascinator has really taken over in the US. Americans have become more bold with their hat choices instead of being ‘matchy, matchy’ they are complimenting their outfits with their hat color choices. I’m thrilled to be able to encourage my customers to think outside of the box in their hat selections.

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